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This show has been replaced by Unveiled. You can listen to many of the replays of Evolutionary Women Radio. Information about the old show: How Authentic Feminine Power is Making a Difference in the World.

 Welcome to “Evolutionary Women Radio” with Host Pernilla Lillarose


  • Are you a Woman feeling a deeper Calling inside knowing that there is more to this life but are not sure where to start, or if you can even trust it?

  • Are you tired of having to do it all on your own, and longing to be seen and understood in a supportive Community?

Evolutionary Women Radio is all about supporting Women to connect with your Authentic Feminine Power and know that you are not alone.

Every Tuesday 11AM PST

Please join me every Tuesday at 11AM PST on Awakened Radio.net for lively and inspiring conversations with other Women just like you.

You can join me in the chat room or Forum and share something or if you have a question or something you want to share just call in at 334 649 7204.

Or you can also connect on your Iphone/Android by going to www.TuneIn.com , download their free mobile app, then search for & add Awakened Radio. You will be able to listen to us any & everywhere. I do look forward to connecting with you.

Most weeks I am sharing the message that fills my own Heart and occasionally I will be having intimate conversations with other Evolutionary Women who are making a difference in the world by following their Heart and inner Calling, while sharing their Inspirations and Gifts with you.

We will share the challenges that we have gone through (and often still are) to become the Unique Being and Expression that we came here to Be.

Please join this Movement of Evolutionary Women.

You were never meant to do it alone. We are all in this together now and we need each other.

If you would like to stay connected with me, please enter your name and email address to gain access to my free subscription to “Evolutionary Women Wisdom” E-zine, which is full of inspiring and useful tips, articles and support on your journey as well as notifications for upcoming guests.

4/1/14: Pernilla Lillarose, Self Love Mystic, Purpose Activator, Embodiment Whisperer, Certified Hakomi Practitioner.  God Abhors a Vacuum!

We are all going through the great unveiling and Evolutionary Women Radio is changing her face, name, outlet and time.
What will fill the space – the vacuum – when we leave the veil behind?

Tuesday April 1st at 11AM PDT is our last show called Evolutionary Women Radio on Awakened Radio before it becomes Unveiled Radio at a different broadcast station Intention Radio on a different day and time: Wednesdays at 3PM PDT.  First show was last Wednesday March 26th, we we are already on air!!

I hope you join me on my last Evolutionary Women Radio on Tuesday and stay connected as we unveil deeper on Unveiled Radio.

For all the replays of old solo shows please click here.

Old shows with guests:

12/31/13 Sara Nelson  Truth and Love … the True Spirit of Activism. www.LakotaLaw.org
10/22/13 Jodi Christiansen, Sharing what it is like to receive Hakomi
9/24/13: Dr. Sara Kendall Gordon (aka Pralaya), L. Ac., DAOM “Reconsidering Ego Death and the False Self”
7/2/13 Cindy Hudson: For more information about Cindy.
6/25/13 Lindy James
6/11/13 Andrea F. Polard, PsyD A free Happiness Quiz
5/28/13 Patricia Barclay.  sacredspaceconsulting and soon to be patriciabarclay
4/30/13Reverend Dr. Patricia Keel: How do our ancestral patterns block the Divine Feminines’ expression? www.onenessprogram.com. Receive 30 free PeacEmails
4/9/1: Carrie Arlah Burr: www.thespiritualmovement.org
3/19/13 Lynn Marie Lumiere: “The True Liberation of Women.” Therapy For Awakening
3/5/13 Maja Apolonia Rodé.  Maja’s website and”How To Grow a Mandala” on video
2/19/13 Lone Mørch: Lone’s work and her newly released book Seeing Red.
1/22/13 Esther Frances: http://www.estherfrances.com/
1/8/13 Kath Robinson  www.yoursoulvoice.com

12/18/12 Donna Kozik http://amzn.to/ZEeAP8
11/27/12 Annie Elizabeth Porter www.riversanctuarypublishing.com
11/13/12 Denise Martini,  Somasense.com
10/23/12 Michelle Manning-Kogler http://quantumsoulclearing.com/
10/23/12 10/16/12 Jenn Tasnim Savage. Please go here to receive Jenn’s gift.
10/2/12 R’Delle Anderson  http://www.essentiallysoul.com
9/18/12 Holly Tse Holly’s free gift The 12 Ways of Effortless Action: How to Accomplish Amazing Things With Ease and Grace
9/11/12 Kimberly Errigo  Kimberly’s gift Optimize Coaching Session
8/28/12 Robine Yohm  Robine’s Free Gift: Free CD
8/14/12 Liz Byrne Here is Liz’ free gift:  Once upon a time there was you: Remembering your STORY.
8/7/12 Dr. Leslie Hewitt  Dr Hewitt’s free gift: Motivation and Meditation audio
7/31/12 Jennifer Duchene  Jennifer’s free introductory discovery sessions.
7/24/12  Kristen Kancler. Kristen’s free gift 6 Simple Recipes to Satisfy your Sweet Tooth
7/17/12 Lisa Barnett.Lisa’s free Gift Take a Journey into the Akashic Record
7/10/12. Anastasia Netri. Anastasia’s free gift 5 steps to creating irresistible offers
7/3/12 Cindy Hudson. Cindy’s free book5 Steps to Making Real Changes in Your Life
6/26/12 Catherine Ewing.  Catherine’s free book “True Joy is an Inside Job”